2015 Take it in Stride

As the semester comes to a close and Christmas break is upon us, let us all take a second and breathe. You made it through the semester. I made it through my first semester of college. I’m feeling rather thankful, but that is a common feeling this time of year.


Free Things for College Students

Free Things For College Students

College. The wonderful time in life where you aren’t entirely in the real world but, you are on your own. One of the greatest things I’ve started to appreciate is how during college people will offer you so much FREE STUFF! Here are a few ways that I’ve found free things for college students.

How to Survive a Roommate

How to Survive a Roommate


No matter if you’re living with your best friend or a total stranger, or if you’re sharing a room or just sharing a suite: it’s probably going to be tough. It’s unlikely you and your roommate will be on the same page with everything. But have no fear: my handy dandy “talk it over” list is here.


Discuss when you both prefer to study (afternoon, late at night) and plan to be courteous of the other’s schedule. 


10 things to know on move in day

What To Do on Moving Day


10. Dress comfortably and in clothes you can get a little gross in. August is HOT.

9. Box everything up. Carrying in one item at a time is inefficient. 

8. Be polite to everyone. You never know who you’re dealing with.

7. Ask the RA’s questions. It’s literally their job to answer them.

6. Be patient with who’s helping you move-in. You probably need them.

5. Organize as you unpack.

Do this before you leave home

What To Do at Home Before You Move Out


I’ve spent most of the summer focusing on making school your new home, but now I want to spend a moment talking about what to do at home before you leave for school. College is a huge new chapter and what comes with beginning it is wrapping up some things at home.



Make friends without trying

How to Make Friends Without Even Trying. Well, Sort of.


There are a million ways to make friends in college—a sorority, a club, a group project in history—but to keep those friends, it helps to be a pretty decent person. So here’s a list of things to do to make friends and make you nicer and better all-around.


10. Say hi to people in the elevator or in line at Starbucks and maybe compliment them if you like something. No need to stare at your phone and pretend they aren’t there. 


Top 10 Things A Graduating Senior Should Know!

If you're a senior, you're probably aching with suspense at the month and a half of squares on the calendar until graduation. As a graduating senior in college, I can relate. Take a deep breath, and check out the top ten things to know BEFORE you get to college.


10. The first time you get sick away from home is AWFUL. Stock up on OTCs before you go so that you don't have to try and get out of bed while you're ill. 

9. It's ok to get homesick. If you're feeling it, everyone else is too, even if they're hiding it.

Dress for Success: How to Dress for Work

So, you've got that summer job. Now, how do you dress to impress your boss and get that summer job extended? 


  • Check your job description and dress requirements. Always dress in accordance with requirements.
  • It's very hard to overdress. It always helps to look nicer than required. It will set you apart from your coworkers and let your boss know that you're serious about your job.
  • Dressing for work doesn't have to be stuffy or frumpy.


Business casual (working in an office):


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