2015 Take it in Stride

Dec 18

2015 Take it in Stride

by: ctowery

As the semester comes to a close and Christmas break is upon us, let us all take a second and breathe. You made it through the semester. I made it through my first semester of college. I’m feeling rather thankful, but that is a common feeling this time of year.


I found my soul sister. I’ve grown in my friendships with some people. I’ve lost some people’s friendships as well. But I am happy. I feel so happy and so blessed that I’ve been able to experience the things that I’ve gotten the chance to experience.


I’ve found out who I shouldn’t be. And yeah while that isn’t finding out who I should be, it’s improvement. I had the opportunity to help people this semester. I’ve had the opportunity to help myself. And, hopefully, I’ve helped the people that read this blog in some way.


I guess I’ll sum up my thoughts on college: Go where you think you’ll be happy. Befriend people who make you a better person. Spend time doing things that make you happy. Attend events and do everything you can to better both yourself and your community. Yell “Roll Tide” or “Hotty Toddy” or even those other words that Auburn people like to yell (“War Eagle”, yuck – just kidding) at the top of your lungs at football games – or even just in public if that’s what you enjoy. Just find something you like and stick with it.


I’m looking forward to 2015 and to see how things change. Class of 2015, you’ve almost made it through high school. College freshman, you’ve made it through a semester. Life should be taken in stride. Just enjoy it.



                         Friends      katie and friends Also, show your family some love this Holiday season. And by family, I mean both the family that you were born into and the family you’ve made for yourself. You deserve it.