PIN OF THE WEEK: Dorm Emergency Kit

Browsing on Pinterest is great for DIY project ideas, quotes, and inspirational anything. Our favorite Pin for this week reminded me of when I moved into college. My grandmother packed an emergency kit for me in a plastic tub and left it for me to find. Of course, I did find it exactly when I needed it most.

Design Tutorial: Design your dorm with DSD!

We get calls all the time asking for help designing custom dorm bedding, as well as advice on which accessories to add. While we absolutely love helping girls create their dream dorm rooms, we thought it might be nice to give a few tutorials with advice on which colors and patterns we offer go well together.

Free Things for College Students

Free Things For College Students

College. The wonderful time in life where you aren’t entirely in the real world but, you are on your own. One of the greatest things I’ve started to appreciate is how during college people will offer you so much FREE STUFF! Here are a few ways that I’ve found free things for college students.

Dorm Room Christmas Decor Ideas




dorm decor christmas ideas

Dorm Room Christmas Decorations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (again).  Just because you are at college doesn’t mean that you have to cut back on the Christmas cheer. There are easy ways to make your room festive and spread the “jolly” to your hall mates.

Clean a Dorm Room in 5 Minutes

Prequel: try to stay organized so you don’t have sort through a foot of clothes and shoes scattered about. PUT AWAY: that pile of clothes you washed a week ago belongs somewhere other than at the foot of your bed. Just do it. DUST: grab the duster mom sent you with and wipe down all the hard surfaces, including the top of frames, doors, and blinds where allergens can collect.

How to Hang a Headboard in a dorm room

Hey Dorm Suite Dorm peeps!


In a few days maybe weeks you'll be moving into your dorm room.  The wonderful abode. 


Well it is a wonderful place if you transform a plain boring dorm room into something extravagant and personal.


Enough chatter let's get your headboard on the wall of your dorm room.


Step 1. Grab your headboard and decide where you want to hang it.


Step 2: Clean the wall where self adhesive Velcro strips will be applied. (Use cleaner to remove any oily residues) Let area dry well.


How to Hang a Bulletin Board

We've had a lot of questions on how to hang a bulletin board in your dorm room.


We have the answer for you in video and written word.  We're overachievers.


Things you need before starting: 


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