Clean a Dorm Room in 5 Minutes

Sep 16

Clean a Dorm Room in 5 Minutes

by: lmoore

posted in: DIY, Freshmen Advice

How to Clean a Dorm Room in 5 Minutes



Prequel: try to stay organized so you don’t have sort through a foot of clothes and shoes scattered about.


PUT AWAY: that pile of clothes you washed a week ago belongs somewhere other than at the foot of your bed. Just do it. 


DUST: grab the duster mom sent you with and wipe down all the hard surfaces, including the top of frames, doors, and blinds where allergens can collect.


SANITIZE: grab some all-purpose cleaner and wipe down your desk and dresser. Phantom dirt and grime always seem to appear there.


VACUUM or MOP (…if you have one. Or borrow one): real talk—dorm floors get gross fast. It’s not glamorous but it takes 40 seconds to clean the floor.


!!!!!!!!BONUS ROUND!!!!!!!!!—the dorm bathroom.


TOILET: scrub that baby down. A gross toilet is literally the worst thing ever of all time.


SHOWER: keep the soap scum to a minimum and if there’s a small animal’s pelt worth of hair by the drain, let’s go ahead and take care of that. 


SINK: wipe out the dried toothpaste and wipe off the sink handles. Makes it look like new.


AND THAT’S ALL, FOLKS. Get your roommate to help and you can have a sparkling clean dorm room is no time. And by “no time” I mean roughly 5 minutes.



photo cc: go_greener_oz