Nine ways to keep your dorm room super organized!

Mar 5

Nine ways to keep your dorm room super organized!

by: arichardson

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Here at DSD it's time to clean up and clean out. We know exactly how important it is to keep any work or living space organized and tidy. So we hopped on Pinterest to find tips and tricks for organizing your dorm room and cleaning up for Spring! Here are our favorites:

It's so easy to bring too much stuff to your dorm, and it all starts with clothes. Jennifer Fordberry recommends having a "Season Swap," If you have the option, take Fall clothes home at winter break and come back with Spring clothes. Of course, you'll have to keep your Winter clothes, but you can avoid stuffing your teensy closets with all three seasons.
Use ice cube trays to organize jewelry! We love the way Buzzfeed did it. **I bet you could also do this with small office supplies, like paperclips, pushpins, erasers and those tiny sticky notes!

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Use tension rods to organize shoes! Buzzfeed's article recommends using two tension rods per "shelf." Level for flats and staggered for heels.
Speaking of shoes, your shoe organizer can hold way more than just shoes! Use an over-the-door shoe organizer to sort snacks or clothes for the week (one girl uses the shoe organizer to store rolled t-shirts and Nike shorts for the day - it's easy to grab when you're running late!). See the idea on iheartorganizing's blog.
Jennifer Fordberry recommends creating a hanging nightstand by sticking cups or containers to the wall above/by your bed with Command strips. (She has a whole video on dorm organization, so be sure to check it out!). This is a great place for iPods, cell phones, nightly/morning medicines, a flashlight and anything else you might have to reach for during the night or first thing in the morning.
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The first thing that comes to mind when I think of moving into a college dorm room is storage. You have to have a place to put all your stuff so it's not in your way, around your feet on the floor, on your bed, etc. 
Put a hanging shower caddy on your closet or dorm room door, or even close to your desk, for places to put keys, pencils, small notebooks, and sticky notes. Buzzfeed has a great example of this in their article. suggests using furniture and electronics with multiple functions to maximize space and efficiency of your space. Luck you, DSD has a storage ottoman for extra seating and a place to put things like throw blankets or DVDs!
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Don't forget those storage drawers! They're great for organizing everything from food to office supplies and from jewelry to toiletries/prescriptions. Check this out on

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