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DSD's Exam Survival Guide

With exams just around the corner, it's time to focus and de-stress so that you can finish strong! Here are DSD's favorite tips and tricks to ensure a successful college exam week (check out our Pinterest board for more!):

7+ Ways to Live it Up: The College Survival Guide [Book Review]

It's starting! DSD has started receiving larger orders, marking the beginning of what we affectionately call "Dorm Season." We know incoming freshman have tons of questions. There is a lot to expect from college and dorm life, while we know you're going to have a blast, the adjustment can be daunting. 

DSD Has You Covered for Spring Break!

The countdown has begun for college students all over the country. Everyone is ready to break out of those shoebox dorms (all filled with DSD's customized dorm decor and bedding, of course) and get straight to the beach. With Spring Break just around the corner, we at DSD know you're well on your way to finalizing beach plans. We've got some tips and favorites for you to drag along on your Spring Break expedition!

Keep It Clean: Dorm Room Organization

DSD's Brand Ambassador, Rebekah, has some great advice for those of you who, let's face it, are the messy roommate we all dread.

Time for Spring Rush: Are Sororities for You?

Our DSD Brand Ambassador, Rebekah, has advice for students regarding sororities and rushing:

This semester I went back to college and I decided to rush. For me, this was entirely unexpected. I had never imagined myself in a sorority and so I didn't know what to expect, or if it was for me. Here are two things I would tell any girl who is rushing or thinking of rushing:

Dorm Suite Dorm's College Dorm Checklist

Dorm Suite Dorm's Dorm Checklist is officially here! DSD has a ton of the items you'll need to make your college dorm room all your own. View the PDF version here.

dorm checklist

Design Tutorial: Guys' Dorms

Guys stereotypically don't think too much about their dorm room bedding. Most male focus is on the television, sound system, and gaming systems. But there are a couple sure things when it comes to guys' dorm bedding: it needs to be comfortable, and it needs to be durable. And at DSD, it can be customized to fit each guy's personal style.

Looking Back: College in 2013

Looking back over 2013 I realized how blessed I've been. I highly suggest taking the time to look back over your previous year before moving on to 2013. Here are a couple things I struggled with and loved in 2013.


Free Things for College Students

Free Things For College Students

College. The wonderful time in life where you aren’t entirely in the real world but, you are on your own. One of the greatest things I’ve started to appreciate is how during college people will offer you so much FREE STUFF! Here are a few ways that I’ve found free things for college students.


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