Design Tutorial: Guys' Dorms

Jan 20

Design Tutorial: Guys' Dorms

by: arichardson

Guys stereotypically don't think too much about their dorm room bedding. Most male focus is on the television, sound system, and gaming systems. But there are a couple sure things when it comes to guys' dorm bedding: it needs to be comfortable, and it needs to be durable. And at DSD, it can be customized to fit each guy's personal style.

Colors can be overwhelming, and when it comes to guys, we all know that simpler is better. First, we'd like to showcase our Khaki color grouping. You can see all the options by looking at the customizable duvet here:

For a simple, guy’s dorm room, we at DSD suggest a duvet or quilt and one extra pillow, either a Euro (26” x 26”) or Accent (20” x 20”). Our most popular guys’ pillow is the Euro because it’s big and nice to lean against.

Each client gets three fabric choices for the duvet: front, back, and cording. We suggest choosing a simple solid for one side and a pattern for the other (of course, solid for both sides is always a good option). We love the Khaki-Grey/Linen Stripe because it is masculine and simple. For the other side, we'd choose the solid, natural Linen. We would then cord the duvet in the solid Linen to create contrast for the patterned side and leave the solid side simple.

Finally, slap on a Euro for extra comfort. FYI, our Euro shams do not come with inserts, but you can get them from us (or any place that sells square pillows - we recommend one size up for a full pillow). We recommend either matching the Euro to the duvet by using the Khaki-Grey/Linen Stripe above, or creating a contrast by using another pattern. If you want to create a contrast, we recommend the Khaki-Dark Grey/Natural Sticks. Stains and dirt have difficulty showing on the dark colors, and the pattern is masculine, yet up-to-date.

We can't wait to show you some finished products! They're coming soon!

We think any guy would enjoy this look. What about you?