Eating Healthy (Even on a Meal Plan)

Everyone knows that we’re supposed to eat our fruits and vegetables. What no one can figure out is how to eat them on a college student’s budget. Whether you are on a meal plan or on your own, eating healthy can be a challenge. We have a few strategies for you to consider. (Remember, if you go in with a plan, it’s more likely that you will make good choices rather than impulsive ones.)

Leave the Disney Plates at Home



There are several kitchen necessities that must be brought to survive college.  AND there are many kitchen "tools" that should be left at home.

What to Bring


Laundry Lessons 101!

I think one of the hardest things for some college students to learn is how to do laundry. I thought I'd lend a hand and give a few tips:

Simply Perfect Pancakes!

Hi, everyone! This week has been absolutely crazy! There comes a time in everyone's career when their parents no longer have room for their junk. And that time came for me this weekend when I should have been writing a blog! :D 


So I got back and I was tired of eating pasta, which I do probably 5 out of 7 days a week. And the only other thing I had in my kitchen was Bisquick, so I thought... PANCAKES! It's so easy, which is nice because no one in my life ever taught me to make pancakes.


Ah! I have let you down!

Sorry for the lack of a blog from me today, everyone! Check back for a new Recipe blog by Wednesday, and your regularly scheduled blog program will be back on Friday!



Gourmet Taste!!! Easy!

love to cook and play around with flavors in the kitchen. Thing is, I almost never have exactly what the recipe calls for in the kitchen. Here's my take on a recipe I found on Pinterest


You'll need:

1 or 2 avocados

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