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DSD's Showroom Adventures

Dorm Suite Dorm is no stranger to adventure, and yesterday we had just that! Danielle, one of our designers, and Amberlyn, our Web Manager, went to The University of Alabama to freshen our showroom in Burke Hall. On one bed was a duvet, Euro sham, and Accent pillow in our (now discontinued) Bubblegum fabrics. On the lofted bed was a blue quilt and a Euro sham and King bolster in like fabrics in the Grasshopper color-way.

DSD's 7 DIFFERENT Things to Do--In Summer

It's summertime at DSD and we're as thrilled as Olaf. (Little does he know, dorm season holds all the real fun.) We know you've got fun plans: going to the beach, camping, late nights out with friends, maybe an internship or summer job. DSD has some different, fun ideas for ways to spend your summer! Beat the boredom and try some of these!


Monogram Fonts

We at DSD have found a way to simplify the customization of our products with a monogram option. See below for all available fonts.

College Orientation Essentials

You've graduated high school. College is right around the corner. But before college starts, you've got to gear up for ORIENTATION! College orientation is so useful, in more ways than you'd think. Of course, you'll tour the campus (maybe for the second time), get your student ID, choose classes, and fill out tons of paperwork, BUT you'll also make college career-long friends, sign up for classes (great time to ask for advice), and learn which caf foods are fab and which ones to avoid. DSD scoured college orientation pages for the essentials.

Dorm Suite Dorm FAQs

Here are our most frequently asked questions and their answers. If you do not see your question below, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat, email, or phone!

How can I speak with a DSD representative?

You can talk to us over the phone, send us an email, or chat with us!
Call us toll-free at 866-410-7005.
Email us at

DSD's Exam Survival Guide

With exams just around the corner, it's time to focus and de-stress so that you can finish strong! Here are DSD's favorite tips and tricks to ensure a successful college exam week (check out our Pinterest board for more!):

PIN OF THE WEEK: Dorm Emergency Kit

Browsing on Pinterest is great for DIY project ideas, quotes, and inspirational anything. Our favorite Pin for this week reminded me of when I moved into college. My grandmother packed an emergency kit for me in a plastic tub and left it for me to find. Of course, I did find it exactly when I needed it most.

7+ Ways to Live it Up: The College Survival Guide [Book Review]

It's starting! DSD has started receiving larger orders, marking the beginning of what we affectionately call "Dorm Season." We know incoming freshman have tons of questions. There is a lot to expect from college and dorm life, while we know you're going to have a blast, the adjustment can be daunting. 


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