College Orientation Essentials

May 5

College Orientation Essentials

by: arichardson

posted in: Freshmen Advice

You've graduated high school. College is right around the corner. But before college starts, you've got to gear up for ORIENTATION! College orientation is so useful, in more ways than you'd think. Of course, you'll tour the campus (maybe for the second time), get your student ID, choose classes, and fill out tons of paperwork, BUT you'll also make college career-long friends, sign up for classes (great time to ask for advice), and learn which caf foods are fab and which ones to avoid. DSD scoured college orientation pages for the essentials.

Here's what to bring with you to avoid stress on orientation day/weekend:

1. Photo ID - If you want the orientation staff to belief that you are who you say you are, do not forget this piece of plastic.

2. Required paperwork - Lots of schools require Immunization Forms and Health Forms at orientation so they have it filed before you start school. You cannot start school without it. They may have extra forms there for you if you forget those, but make sure to remember your immunization records and your health insurance cards.

3. Any other forms - Registration paperwork, roommate questionnaire, etc. Check the school's website or your emails for a list of required forms.

4. List of electives/clubs/student organizations in which you're interested - Just in case you don't have your whole year planned out for you, look at the school's catalog to find some electives in which your interested. They're great talking points for your tour guides and orientation leaders; they want to hear your questions! Just in case your schedule doesn't leave room for electives, check out intramurals, clubs, and student organizations to find things you might like to be a part of.


5. Sleeping bag - Schools will recommend you bring sheets or a sleeping bag if you have an overnight orientation. I used sheets at my orientation, and it was a bit of a hassle carrying around sheets and a blanket. I highly recommend using a sleeping bag for that day or two. 

5. Toiletries and Flip Flops - You're probably going to want to shower. If you have communal showers, flip flops are recommended.

6. Notebook, pens, and a small backpack - You may feel like a nerd, but take notes during those long talks they'll give you over the course of orientation. It's a lot of information to take in, and you'll want to remember it later.

7. Utilize your phone reminders! - Ok, so you don't have to bring this, but you should know that the schedule is planned to the minute. Don't miss any important meetings, talks, or fun outings; use your phone to set time reminders for yourself.

8. Comfy shoes - Those heels are cute, but do you want to walk all over campus in them, and possibly all over town? Think twice about your footwear.

9. Questions - I said this in #4 and I'll say it again: Ask questions. EVERYONE wants to help you get settled in. That's what the staff is there for. :) - uhbap