DSD's Exam Survival Guide

Apr 14

DSD's Exam Survival Guide

by: arichardson

With exams just around the corner, it's time to focus and de-stress so that you can finish strong! Here are DSD's favorite tips and tricks to ensure a successful college exam week (check out our Pinterest board for more!):

  1. Coffee or tea! DSD doesn't recommend overloading on caffeine, but it can certainly help you focus. 
  2. Don't underestimate snack time. Snacks packed with protein can keep you full and focused on studying.
  3. Take a break! Step away from the computer, walk around for five minutes, do some jumping jacks, play a game for 15 minutes, ANYTHING to give your brain a detour. 
  4. Some people recommend chewing a certain flavor gum while studying and chewing that same gum during the exam. They say it'll help you remember.
  5. STOP PROCRASTINATING. Study now with adequate breaks. Don't be that kid scrambling to get it all done in the five minutes before the exam starts. You'll stress yourself out and forget 75% of what you need to know.
  6. Speaking of stress, learn how to de-stress. Take a walk, take long showers, wear comfy clothes, eat "healthy" comfort food, DANCE!
  7. Stay positive. A positive attitude will help you remember!
  8. Don't stay up all night. Sleep is necessary. Get some.
  9. Cram selectively. It's not useful, but if you must, focus on key concepts.

What are your exam week survival tips?