PIN OF THE WEEK: Dorm Emergency Kit

Mar 26

PIN OF THE WEEK: Dorm Emergency Kit

by: arichardson

posted in: DIY, Freshmen Advice, Fun

Browsing on Pinterest is great for DIY project ideas, quotes, and inspirational anything. Our favorite Pin for this week reminded me of when I moved into college. My grandmother packed an emergency kit for me in a plastic tub and left it for me to find. Of course, I did find it exactly when I needed it most.

I ran across this Pin earlier this week, and thought I'd share. Here's what we think is most important from the emergency kit list according to Organization Junkie. Of course, with DSD flair. Better yet, it all fits in a cosmetic bag. Check out DSD's cosmetic bags here

Cosmetic Bag

  • Sample size toothpaste
  • Floss
  • Tums
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Benadryl pills
  • Tylenol pills
  • Advil pills
  • Ice cold pain relief gel packet
  • Halls cough drops
  • Mini Kleenex pack
  • Tampons
  • Tide stain pen
  • Mini sewing kit
  • Buttons
  • Clear nail polish
  • Nail clippers
  • Emery board
  • Tweezers
  • Q-tips
  • Hair elastic
  • Bobby pins
  • Safety pins
  • Vaseline lip balm
  • Gum/mints

This, along with one of DSD's THREE cosmetic bags, makes  fantastic gift!


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