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A Great Look for Spring!

Hey, everyone! I hope you're having a fantastic Easter weekend. I thought I'd share my Easter look with you as a cute outfit for Spring!


First, start with the hair. I am in love with the sock bun. It's so easy to do, and great for when you don't feel like shampooing your hair. Tip: Always secure with a few bobby pins. Pull out a few hairs on the sides for a messy, cute look. Check out a YouTube tutorial here. 

Pick the Perfect Dress!

Hi, ladies! I hope you all had a fabulous Spring Break! It's that time of year! Prom and spring formals are here or right around the corner! Whether you're in high school or college, I have some tips to pick the perfect dress to take you from bedroom or dorm to a night on the town!


First, check the theme! Going with the theme is never a must, but if it's fun you might want to try! Of course, you can also check the colors so you don't clash with the decor.

Dress for Success: How to Dress for Work

So, you've got that summer job. Now, how do you dress to impress your boss and get that summer job extended? 


  • Check your job description and dress requirements. Always dress in accordance with requirements.
  • It's very hard to overdress. It always helps to look nicer than required. It will set you apart from your coworkers and let your boss know that you're serious about your job.
  • Dressing for work doesn't have to be stuffy or frumpy.


Business casual (working in an office):

Simply Perfect Pancakes!

Hi, everyone! This week has been absolutely crazy! There comes a time in everyone's career when their parents no longer have room for their junk. And that time came for me this weekend when I should have been writing a blog! :D 


So I got back and I was tired of eating pasta, which I do probably 5 out of 7 days a week. And the only other thing I had in my kitchen was Bisquick, so I thought... PANCAKES! It's so easy, which is nice because no one in my life ever taught me to make pancakes.


Ah! I have let you down!

Sorry for the lack of a blog from me today, everyone! Check back for a new Recipe blog by Wednesday, and your regularly scheduled blog program will be back on Friday!



RELAX! Take a deep breath and get ready for midterms.

I don't know about you, but it is about time for a really long nap. Midterms are practically here, and we've all been working hard. I'm trying to get ready for my senior recital with Spring Break on the brain, and it's slow-going. My favorite thing to do is schedule (yes, SCHEDULE) time for relaxation. I put my phone away and hide my backpack, and then I just listen to music, take a 30-minute power nap, or watch one of the three TV shows I follow. Here are some awesome tips to help you relax in a stressful time:

Spring into 2013 Fashion! Five Must-Haves!

It's that time of year! Time to go shopping and buy some new pieces for your spring wardrobe! Here are the oh-so-chic 2013 Spring trends


Emerald green is the new color of the season.
For the bold: Try some emerald pants or statement emerald shoes.
For those who like to tone it down: Try an emerald bangle, scarf or belt.

Tick Tock! Time management!

One of the hardest things to do in college is to learn time management. After all, you have a boyfriend, a sorority, homework, a job, classes, social life, and family life to juggle! How do you do it?? 

Dress to Impress: How to dress for a job interview!

It's almost March, and (if you're smart) you're probably already looking into summer jobs - OR just a job in general. You'll be looking for jobs along with hundreds of other people, and you have to look the part to get the job. Here are some tips on how to dress for a job interview.


Manage Your Money in College

I think we all have had the experience in which we have plenty of money at the beginning of the week, and then we're broke by Wednesday. It's all a part of learning to manage your money, even if your parents are helping you out. Here are some tips to stretch that money through the weekend.


1. Make school your first job. School is most important, and you have to pass the classes to graduate! Make sure you prioritize. It will help if you know that you can't go out all the time because, yes, you do have to study.


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