Pick the Perfect Dress!

Mar 25

Pick the Perfect Dress!

by: arichardson

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Hi, ladies! I hope you all had a fabulous Spring Break! It's that time of year! Prom and spring formals are here or right around the corner! Whether you're in high school or college, I have some tips to pick the perfect dress to take you from bedroom or dorm to a night on the town!


First, check the theme! Going with the theme is never a must, but if it's fun you might want to try! Of course, you can also check the colors so you don't clash with the decor.

Look at the type of event. Prom is always formal, but some Greek "formals" can actually be cocktail/semi-formal attire or formal. 

  • Semi-formal/cocktail attire calls for a shorter dress - knee or tea-length (to the calf). 
  • Formal attire calls for a gown or long dress. Some girls choose to wear short, embellished dresses to prom. 


Next, which dress types look best on your body?

  • A-Line styles are great for any body type. This means the dresses cinches the waist and flows straight out, like both of the above dresses.
  • Confident women can rock a mermaid gown. These dresses fit close to the body untiil the hips, knees, or calves, then flair or fall straight down. 
  • Ruching (small gathers, usually down the front or front and sides of a dress) creates a slender look on any body. 
Pick a dress that fits (or one that you can afford to have altered) and appropriate shoes (if you pick shoes that kill your feet you will have no fun). No one wants to see any wardrobe malfunctions take place in or around your dress, least of all you.
When looking for ideas, look for a color that fits your personality! Are you classic and sleek (black, navy, red), shy and girly (pink, pastels), wild (bright floral or animal prints, bright colors) or a combination of all of those? Chances are, you can find a dress that looks great on you in your favorite color. Plus, if you pick a dress that fits your personality, you'll be super comfortable!


 Have a great night, ladies! I hope it rocks. Then, don't forget to snuggle into your comfy DSD dorm bedding!


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