Dress to Impress: How to dress for a job interview!

Feb 25

Dress to Impress: How to dress for a job interview!

by: arichardson

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It's almost March, and (if you're smart) you're probably already looking into summer jobs - OR just a job in general. You'll be looking for jobs along with hundreds of other people, and you have to look the part to get the job. Here are some tips on how to dress for a job interview.


  • Make sure you're prepared for whatever job to which you apply (such as distinctly informal settings or settings in which a suit would be inappropriate). These tips are for a business-type interview, but you can probably take a few tips to whatever interview you go.
  • Keep it simple and professional. Usually, a nice, tailored skirt/pants and blouse will do. For example, if you're interviewing for an office position at a more informal workplace like a church or your school, etc. But, if you're interviewing at a more formal workplace, like a firm or corporate office, wear a ladies' suit.
  • Wear conservative makeup, and keep the perfume to a minimum.
  • Keep nails neat! Great excuse to get a mani-pedi! :)
  • Statement pieces are good. I have a friend who always wears her bright blue shoes with a black dress to her auditions. Interviews work the same way in that the employer will have something by which to remember you. He/she may call you "blue shoes" until you're called again and he/she has to look at your application again, but you're REMEMBERED. That's key. Only ONE statement piece per outfit, be it a bright blouse, shoes, or a fun piece of jewelry.

While employers love something to remember, you want it to be something good. DONTS:

  • Shoes shouldn't be too high (I know I said blue shoes, but she did have to SING in those blue shoes) - 1" - 3" heels are the best conservative height for shoes.
  • And always wear pantyhose!
  • Don't make statements with tattoos or BODY-piercings (one earring per ear is definitely OK).

Where do you want to work this summer? Or where is your job now?


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