Spring into 2013 Fashion! Five Must-Haves!

Mar 4

Spring into 2013 Fashion! Five Must-Haves!

by: arichardson

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It's that time of year! Time to go shopping and buy some new pieces for your spring wardrobe! Here are the oh-so-chic 2013 Spring trends


Emerald green is the new color of the season.
For the bold: Try some emerald pants or statement emerald shoes.
For those who like to tone it down: Try an emerald bangle, scarf or belt.


Washed out denim, the 90s acid-wash trend is (almost-but-not-quite) back! Cool of in some icey colored shorts this spring.


Black and white is IN. Try bold stripes or a black and white outfit with a pop of color.


Lace is back for another season. We saw this last year in some popular shorts and sheer tops. Now, try it in bright colors!


Floral prints are definitely a DO this season. Try big, bold flowers or soft, understated pieces.


What's your favorite spring trend?



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