Tick Tock! Time management!

Mar 1

Tick Tock! Time management!

by: arichardson

One of the hardest things to do in college is to learn time management. After all, you have a boyfriend, a sorority, homework, a job, classes, social life, and family life to juggle! How do you do it?? 

  • DO budget your time like you budget your money. Think sleep and study time first, then use whatever time you have left for a social life.
  • DO schedule time for relaxation. It sounds nerdy, but if you shouldn't play too hard, you shouldn't work too hard either.
  • DO realize that the picture below is a real life thing. You can only pick two (unless you're superman).



  • DON'T procrastinate. Seriously, get it done. If you must procrastinate, do it in a time when you don't have much else going on. It will come back to bite you in the behind.
  • DON'T do all-nighters. It's a terrible way to manage your time and you'll end up looking and feeling like a zombie. Then, all your other priorities will suffer. 
  • DO say no to nonessential tasks (this is not the same as procrastination!). If you're swamped with Bio and that Psych project, consider turning down being on the committee for your French Club's next gathering. 
  • DO make lists. It's fun to cross things off, anyway.
  • DO carry your schedule everywhere. Write down everything you have to do; it helps me sometimes (especially during midterms and exam week) to schedule what I'm going to do in my large chunks of time at home or between classes.
  • DON'T tolerate distractions. Make up your mind that Facebook, texts, IMs, and emails can wait until you're done. (It will totally still be there.)
How do you handle time management?




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