7+ Ways to Live it Up: The College Survival Guide [Book Review]

Mar 17

7+ Ways to Live it Up: The College Survival Guide [Book Review]

by: arichardson

It's starting! DSD has started receiving larger orders, marking the beginning of what we affectionately call "Dorm Season." We know incoming freshman have tons of questions. There is a lot to expect from college and dorm life, while we know you're going to have a blast, the adjustment can be daunting. 

college dorm survival guide cover 
We found the perfect guide to your college experience: The College Dorm Survival Guide: How to Survive and Thrive in Your New Home Away from Home, by Julia DeVillers. DeVillers explains away any worries you might have about move-in, dorms and residence halls, and life as a "grown-up." She also gives tips and tricks on how to say no without feeling guilty, safety & security, academic, physical, and emotional health, and how to really utilize your res halls for free stuff and fun activities.
You can read excerpts and buy the book here and here
Here are our highlights:
  • Types of dorms - Do research! Know what types of residence halls are offered (luxury halls, living and learning communities, co-ed dorms, quiet halls, etc.), and which would best fit your dreams for a college experience. Don't fall for the stereotype though--just because a dorm was the "party dorm" before doesn't mean that it will be when a new crop of freshmen move in.
  • Types of rooms - Just like res halls, know what types of dorms are offered (single rooms, double rooms, suites, etc.), and which will best suit your life.
  • Move-in day - You don't necessarily have to get there early! There are tons of tips for move-in day, roommate meetings, and parent goodbyes in this Survival Guide.
  • Residence hall programs and dorm activities - Your roommate doesn't have to be your only friend! Meet people and have good, FREE fun by participating in hall/floor activities and all the programs your Residence Life organization has to offer.
  • Life as a grown-up - Before, you had a curfew, a mom/dad to wake you up in the morning, someone to help with laundry, and someone to provide food. Now, that's all up to YOU. DeVillers tells you how to deal.
  • Health on campus - DeVillers talks about academic, physical, and emotional health. Alcohol doesn't have to be a problem, and you don't have to feel guilty for saying "no" to drugs or drinks. Stress can be a problem, and there are lots of ways to deal with it.
  • Security and safety - Campus safety is no laughing matter, but shouldn't be scary. DeVillers has advice for staying safe and keeping your items secure.
DSD highly recommends preparing well for college life, and we think this book is a great, quick read for that. We also know that it's meant to be fun, and can be way more fun if you know what you're getting yourself into. Laugh loud and live it up! And as always, DREAM BIG!
* Book Cover - Julia DeVillers