Free Things for College Students

Dec 19

Free Things for College Students

by: lmoore

Free Things For College Students

College. The wonderful time in life where you aren’t entirely in the real world but, you are on your own. One of the greatest things I’ve started to appreciate is how during college people will offer you so much FREE STUFF! Here are a few ways that I’ve found free things for college students.

  • Your College! The number one source of all the awesome free stuff on campus comes from your college. Check your emails and actually read to see which events on campus have different benefits. Some schools have reward programs for attending athletic functions. Look online to see what benefits your school has.
  • Student Buildings. Most colleges have some building that is designed for students. It will generally have food and a study area. I choose to study in this area because if you go and pay attention this is where there are a lot of opportunities for free food or testing out different company products for a free prize.
  • Local Businesses. There are plenty of businesses that will offer free samples or special deals for college students. When I go out to eat I always have my student ID and ask if there are any discounts. Many times there are or they have special reward programs like after 5 meals you get a free meal.
  • Companies geared towards College Students. Most companies whose target clients are in college offer student discounts, giveaway competitions, scholarship options and many more benefits for students. To stay informed about these join the companies email list and read to see when these various opportunities are available.


 My biggest trick to getting free things is looking. There are so many chances that people miss because they don’t look. I check my email and read signs/posters. Take advantage of this time in your life when people want to give you free things.


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