Looking Back: College in 2013

Jan 8

Looking Back: College in 2013

by: arichardson

Looking back over 2013 I realized how blessed I've been. I highly suggest taking the time to look back over your previous year before moving on to 2013. Here are a couple things I struggled with and loved in 2013.


  • Knowing when to say no. I often found myself overly busy and stressed due to the fact that I overcommitted. One of my favorite sayings that I've tried to learn is "You can do anything, but you can't do everything."
  • Placing FUN with friends over quality time. Before heading off to college I always wanted to see my friends and what they were doing. We'd go running, hiking, and exploring. That has its time and place but I've realized that value of staying in and spending quality time just chilling.
  • Economics. Everyone has the class that just doesn't slick. Mine was Econ. I took Economics even though it has nothing to do with my major and wasn't required. There were many times when I was very upset with taking this hard course, but now that it is over I can say that I am glad I struggled through Econ. I learned an interesting subject with concepts that help me better understand the world.


  • College. I am so grateful for the opportunity to further my learning and meet new people with different ideas and beliefs than my own. 
  • People. Each year I will probably put something about the people in my life. Whether it's family and friends that are new or old, I am so grateful for the fun they bring into my life, the wisdom they offer, and the joy they give me.
  • Tea. I had no idea until this past year how a cup of tea truly is joy in a cup. In 2013, I lived in Europe on my own for the summer and when I was lonely a cup of tea was a great reminder of home. In Philadelphia when it's cold, tea has warmed me up from the inside out. Tea has been privy to many deep conversations late at night discussing the world. 




Photo source: Instagram