Design Tutorial: Design your dorm with DSD!

Jan 15

Design Tutorial: Design your dorm with DSD!

by: arichardson

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We get calls all the time asking for help designing custom dorm bedding, as well as advice on which accessories to add. While we absolutely love helping girls create their dream dorm rooms, we thought it might be nice to give a few tutorials with advice on which colors and patterns we offer go well together.

For our first tutorial, we'll be using the Coral (click here to see more) and Blue (click here to see more) color ways. In this particular room, we used the color Aquarius, which as been replaced with Apache Blue (beautiful patterns with a slightly brighter blue hue). You can see them both by using the links above.

First, we decided whether to use a quilt, duvet, or both. Our client wanted a quilt, and loved the look and feel of the Coral option. Since this was the biggest piece, we used it as the base and went from there.

Sidenote: We're getting in some brand new quilt options very soon! Check back often to see them as soon as they arrive.

The quilt comes with a sham, so our client had to decide which pillows to add and what color and pattern to use for the dust ruffle. We decided a contrast would be best for the pillows and dust ruffle. The client loved our popular blue options, so we decided to use that for the contrast. Note in the Blog Photo how the blue pops against the coral.

The client chose two patterns to use for the dust ruffle and extra pillows. It's always great to tie all colors in using at least one item. An easy item to use for this is the Band in Center Pillow because it has so many options. We recommend the Apache Blue Fynn for the Band in Center Pillow. The pattern is just the right size. Pair this pattern with a Coral band to tie all colors in. Monogram in Ivory to match the background of the Apache Blue pattern and to make the letters pop. Also, this pillow comes with its insert!

Since we don't recommend using more than three patterns in one room, this client chose two, as I mentioned before. She matched the Band in Center Pillow pattern with the Dust Ruffle pattern. We recommended the Apache Blue Fynn for the Band in Center Pillow, and know that it would make a gorgeous Dust Ruffle as well.

Next, we used the second pattern for a simple but prominent Euro Sham (this pillow does NOT come with its insert, but you may purchase one from us if you wish). We recommend the Apache Blue Linked pattern. It's smaller, with a lot of blue, and creates a great contrast on the soft, bright coral quilt.

Finally, we finished the look off with a Sorority Burlap Pillow. This pillow is Ivory, and goes even better with Apache Blue/Ivory patterns than it did with the Aquarius/White! The pictured pillow above is Tri-Delt and below is a Delta Gamma pillowcase, but you can choose whichever sorority and color matches your taste! There are two options for the burlap pillow: Single Ring and Double Ring. Check them out!

As always, don't hesitate to call or email us with questions! My name is Amberlyn, but any of our lovely designers are more than capable.

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