How to Hang a Bulletin Board

Aug 1

How to Hang a Bulletin Board

by: lmoore

We've had a lot of questions on how to hang a bulletin board in your dorm room.


We have the answer for you in video and written word.  We're overachievers.


Things you need before starting: 

  • Bulletin Board
  • 3M Command Hook
  • Smooth Surface
  • & cup pot of coffee 
Let's get started!
Step 1: Grab your bulletin board and hold it against the surface of where you plan to hang it.  Once you have found the perfect spot mark it with a pencil.
Step 2: Grab your Command Hook and read the instructions on how to apply it to the wall.  When you've done that now apply the command hook where you marked with the pencil.
Step 3: Allow your Command Hook to stay on the wall and absorb the stickyness for one hour.  This is when you can drink the coffee. 
Step 4: Hang your bulletin board!