DIY Bulletin Board

Oct 21

DIY Bulletin Board

by: lmoore

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DIY Dorm Room Bulletin Board

I wanted something for my walls that matched my bedding, but I didn’t know how to make it match well. Finally I decided the best way to make it match is to use the same fabric. So I made fabric covered corkboards. They were super simple to make and I love how they look on the wall.

1st - Get square cork boards.  I chose three, but you can do however may you want.  My squares are 12 x 12 inches.  Also, decide what fabric you want.   I used a yard of fabric per each square. 

2nd - Place the fabric on the board.  Leave  3 inches of extra fabric around the edges.

3rd - Spray adhesive on the cork board, then lay the fabric on it evenly.  Use 3M Super 77 as the adhesive.

4th - Wrap it on the sides and use a hot glue gun to make it stay.  Begin with the sides that are opposite of each other.  Put the glue on the cork board and pull the fabric over the sides.  Make it as tight as possible.  On the other 2 sides I made it looser so there wasn't a bulge from the fabric on the corners.

Cork Board


The cork boards I used came with adhesives to stick on the wall, but you can use any tape because they are very light.



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DIY cork board