How to Hang a Headboard in a dorm room

Aug 8

How to Hang a Headboard in a dorm room

by: lmoore

Hey Dorm Suite Dorm peeps!


In a few days maybe weeks you'll be moving into your dorm room.  The wonderful abode. 


Well it is a wonderful place if you transform a plain boring dorm room into something extravagant and personal.


Enough chatter let's get your headboard on the wall of your dorm room.


Step 1. Grab your headboard and decide where you want to hang it.


Step 2: Clean the wall where self adhesive Velcro strips will be applied. (Use cleaner to remove any oily residues) Let area dry well.


Step 3. Separate adhesive backed velcro from stapled velcro strip on the back of the board (Note: When pulling the adhesive backed velcro off of the strip attached to the board, hold the velcro strip stapled to the board with your hand and pull slowly to prevent detaching the stapled velcro.)


Step 4. Pull the paper off of the adhesive backed velcro strip you just separated.


Step 5. Place the sticky side (side with adhesive) of the velcro on the wall where you decided to mount your headboard. 


Step 5. Firmly press the sticky piece against the wall and let it sit for 2 hours or overnight.


Step 6. After allowing adhesive to set, apply your headboard to the wall and press it firmly.


Waa la you're done!


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*Dorm Suite Dorm's velcro is removable, making it a good option for your dorm room