Make friends without trying

Jul 2

Make friends without trying

by: lmoore

How to Make Friends Without Even Trying. Well, Sort of.


There are a million ways to make friends in college—a sorority, a club, a group project in history—but to keep those friends, it helps to be a pretty decent person. So here’s a list of things to do to make friends and make you nicer and better all-around.


10. Say hi to people in the elevator or in line at Starbucks and maybe compliment them if you like something. No need to stare at your phone and pretend they aren’t there. 


9. If you see someone you know eating lunch with other people, go say hi and introduce yourself. 


8. Every school has a ton of student organizations—I know mine has clubs that range from politics to Harry Potter fandom. Find something you like and join it. If you hate it, you don’t have to go back.


7. Always be nice to the staff at your school. Nothing is worse than someone who thinks they’re a good person but is rude to people who work in the dining halls or offices. People take notice.


6. Don’t be that girl who shows up late but with a latte in her hand. People will judge you and be predisposed to not liking you. That doesn’t make for good friends.


5. We all have those days where our bed is just too warm to get out of and we end up late and looking tragic. But, if we’re honest here, people like hanging out with people who look put together. Something to think about.


4. If you say you’ll do something: do it. Then the friend you promised you’d drive to Office Max won’t complain about you to her friends and those friends may end up loving you one day.


3. If you’re invited to something where you won’t know anyone: go. Get out of your comfort zone and go be charming.


2. Be yourself. I know this cliché is way overplayed but loving yourself and being proud of that is a super attractive quality that people remember. 



1. Be a nice person. It’s easy to be catty and shallow but when people talk about you, wouldn’t it be nice if they said they thought you were awesome and really sweet?


-Ashley Buchanan

photo cc (Vinni)