Top 10 Things A Graduating Senior Should Know!

Apr 1

Top 10 Things A Graduating Senior Should Know!

by: arichardson

If you're a senior, you're probably aching with suspense at the month and a half of squares on the calendar until graduation. As a graduating senior in college, I can relate. Take a deep breath, and check out the top ten things to know BEFORE you get to college.


10. The first time you get sick away from home is AWFUL. Stock up on OTCs before you go so that you don't have to try and get out of bed while you're ill. 

9. It's ok to get homesick. If you're feeling it, everyone else is too, even if they're hiding it.

8. Find a passion. You don't have to be in a hurry because you don't have to declare a major until the end of your sophomore year. But don't be afraid to find something you care about enough to screw up a couple times. For example, for me it's music. I love to sing in operas, and I often have to look incredibly stupid in front of large groups of people in order to make a great finished product.

7. Those parties the university plans to help you meet people? They can be fun, but they don't really help you meet people. It's awkward. Make friends in classes. There you have a common interest and a study buddy.

6. There will be those other parties, too. You will more than likely attend at least one. Enjoy the experience; party, but not too hard. Illegal or not, we all know freshman party. Just know that parties get wild sometimes, and your parents and your friends and I don't want you to get yourself into any trouble (one word: Steubenville). Besides, the parties are never as cool as the movies. There are usually lots of Christmas lights and terrible beer. Red Solo cups are a must, though.

5. Waffle House food tastes the best at 3 AM, just so you know.

4. Learn from your mistakes. Fast. You have four years in college, which is not a long time. If you screw up, fix it and learn from it so that you don't have any serious roadblocks before your next graduation.

3. Professors will help you! They've done this for a really long time, they've seen a lot of students, and they want you to succeed (otherwise, they wouldn't teach). Utilize your best resources, and ask for help if you need it.

3. There will be people who seem like they never go to class and have tons of free time and are super happy. Do not waste your time envying them. Every class counts. Do your work. Don't let that one class you don't think you'll ever use mess up your GPA. 

2. Brace yourself: there is no parental authority in college. It's kind of a trip sometimes to have to make yourself do everything on your own, but you have to do it. Learn how to do laundry, wash your dishes on a regular basis, make lots of lists to help yourself remember to do everything your mom did for you, get your dad to help you learn how to deal with any bills you have. 

1. Live. It. Up. Like I said before, don't party too hard. But make friends! Go to all the dumb things the university throws AND take all the cool free stuff they give you. Take all the help you can get, work really hard, hang out with people at Waffle House at 3 AM, and laugh until you cry at least once a week.

Oh and an extra: Don't forget your dorm bedding from DSD! I never decorated my dorm or went all-out with bedding and decor my freshman year, but it's a great plus and a fun way to bond with your roommate! College dorm rooms are usually so boring (ugh, gray walls) but you can definitely make your room a fun/soothing/crazy place to be, all with your dorm decor! Check out the rest of the site for ideas, and feel free to comment if you need some help! I'll be around all summer helping girls in-store find their dorm dreams!

What's your favorite high school memory?

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