10 things to know on move in day

Aug 7

10 things to know on move in day

by: lmoore

What To Do on Moving Day


10. Dress comfortably and in clothes you can get a little gross in. August is HOT.

9. Box everything up. Carrying in one item at a time is inefficient. 

8. Be polite to everyone. You never know who you’re dealing with.

7. Ask the RA’s questions. It’s literally their job to answer them.

6. Be patient with who’s helping you move-in. You probably need them.

5. Organize as you unpack.

4. Plan out where you hang things before the nails go in. 

3. Be conscious that your roommate has to look at your stuff, too. Keep it cute and at least mostly not a train wreck. 

2. See where you’re going and the parking situation beforehand so you know exactly where to go.

1. Hug your parents hard before they leave. You’ll miss them more than you think. 


What NOT To Do on Moving Day


10. Look like a total slob. Not the best first impression. 

9. Not label any boxes. This isn’t Christmas; the contents should not be a surprise.

8. Be so polite you’re that girl and seem disingenuous. 

7. Treat the RA’s like your parents. They have things to do, too. 

6. Be rude or ungrateful to the crew carrying all your stuff in.

5. Get so caught up with organizing you don’t get anything done.

4. Don’t put too much trust in removable nail-free hooks. Dorm paint comes off easier than you’d think.

3. Put up 12 One Direction posters when your roommate is less than a fan.

2. Ignore the parking signs and clog up the line.

1. Pretend you’re too cool to get sappy. It’s ok; goodbyes are rough.