Maintaining Friendships

Feb 24

Maintaining Friendships

by: ctowery

Keeping in Touch with Old Friends

As a freshman a third of the way through my second semester I’ve encountered the difficulty of maintaining my friendships with people back home. It’s easy to get caught up in the college life. I live on campus so I’m constantly surrounded by people. Friendships once brand new have now solidified and it’s easy to forget to keep in touch with those whom you’ve left behind. When I finished my senior year of high school I had a really tight knit group of friends that I valued then and still value now. Although it’s easy to get busy I still want those friends to be in my life in the future. Here’s my advice on keeping in touch with friends back home:

1.      Talk to your friends once a month at the very least. I would recommend once every two weeks. Check in with them! See how they’re doing and how their life has been in the time you have been apart.

2.      Schedule Skype conversations with them. This is a nice way to see your friend and kind of hang out with them even though you can’t actually be with them.

3.      Make plans for school breaks. This way you and your friends have something to look forward too when you next see each other. This is a for sure way to make sure that you guys reconnect over the breaks and maintain your friendships. 

4.      Don’t forget their birthdays! When it’s their birthday try to send your friend a gift, a letter, something special for them on their birthday to show you care about them.


Staying connected with your old friends is very important. Make it a priority! Of course, it’s important to also focus on the friends you have at college. Balance is the key.