How to Survive a Roommate

Aug 20

How to Survive a Roommate

by: lmoore

How to Survive a Roommate


No matter if you’re living with your best friend or a total stranger, or if you’re sharing a room or just sharing a suite: it’s probably going to be tough. It’s unlikely you and your roommate will be on the same page with everything. But have no fear: my handy dandy “talk it over” list is here.


Discuss when you both prefer to study (afternoon, late at night) and plan to be courteous of the other’s schedule. 


Do you like to go to sleep early or are you a night owl? 


Do you wake up early on weekends?


Do you enjoy a quick jazzercise in the middle of the room? (Maybe plan to do that when she’s away.)


How neat are you? If she’s the clean freak, still keep your area relatively clean, too. Not for you: for the sake of your relationship with your roommate.


When will you guys clean up and what duty belongs to whom?


Are you ok with overnight guests?


What are you ok with sharing? What do you want to keep to yourself?


Do either of you have a serious allergy?