Do this before you leave home

Aug 6

Do this before you leave home

by: lmoore

What To Do at Home Before You Move Out


I’ve spent most of the summer focusing on making school your new home, but now I want to spend a moment talking about what to do at home before you leave for school. College is a huge new chapter and what comes with beginning it is wrapping up some things at home.



  • Clean out your room. It’s so easy to clean out your room when you’re already packing up all the important stuff to take with you. Go through clothes, childhood toys, shoes, jewelry, whatever, and donate or sell anything you no longer want. 
  • Organize what you have left and recognize that while you’re gone your room may serve another function. (Love the sewing table, Mom.)
  • Make a point to see your friends before you all leave town. 
  • Have a special goodbye dinner with your family before you leave. You’re going to miss them.
  • Don’t leave your old room a mess. 
  • If you’re taking your car, get it serviced now. Go get a check-up. Get your hair cut.
  • Get pictures of your pets. Never thought I’d miss a dog so much.
  • Make sure younger siblings know you’ll be there for them even when you’re gone.
  • Go to all your local favorites.
  • Plan a few “you” days. Take some time to yourself. Watch Netflix, read that book you never got to—just sit and enjoy your house and your time off before you move away and are too busy. 



Photo credit: Lel4nd