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Do this before you leave home

What To Do at Home Before You Move Out


I’ve spent most of the summer focusing on making school your new home, but now I want to spend a moment talking about what to do at home before you leave for school. College is a huge new chapter and what comes with beginning it is wrapping up some things at home.



Last Minute Dorm Shopping Items

Last Minute Dorm Shopping Items


--Floor length mirror. Hang it behind a door or prop it in a corner. You’ll want it at some point.

--Door hooks. Valuable, usually wasted space.

--Laptop case. Keep it protected while you’re walking around.

--Keyboard cover. Sometimes I like to eat pita chips while I watch a show. Judge me. 

--If you want to keep some things at home, get extra face wash, body wash, etc. that don’t have to travel back and forth with you.

What to expect move in day

What to Expect on Moving Day


If your school’s move-in day is anything like mine was, expect pure chaos. As hard as they try and as many posters as they hang, moving in a few thousand students in a day or two gets crazy. 

But that’s ok because if you’re reading this, you’re already mentally preparing for it. How to beat the crazy:

How to Hang a Bulletin Board

We've had a lot of questions on how to hang a bulletin board in your dorm room.


We have the answer for you in video and written word.  We're overachievers.


Things you need before starting: 

Wear this to a job interview

How to Dress for an Interview


College students may not think they’ll need a suit until graduation arrives but it definitely doesn’t hurt to have one ready to go.

Clubs, professional organizations, leadership positions—anything you may want to join—probably expects you to show up looking like you know how to present yourself.

Home Sick

Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home


It can be tough being away from home, especially for the first time. That’s why it’s so important to make your dorm your new home-away-from home. It’s the one place you should feel safe and comfortable. 


Bring fun pillows and colorful accessories to warm up the stark room and pictures of friends and family to remind you that you’re loved.


Remember Ladies: Facebook is Forever

Remember Ladies: Facebook is Forever


College is a time self-discovery, learning, and occasionally making questionable Facebook post choices. 


This is a friendly reminder that ANYONE can access ANYTHING that has EVER been on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, MySpace, Bebo, Friendster…you get the picture. Employers are looking more and more into what people post on social networking sites because these people are going to represent the company. 


Find your college major today!

College is an exciting time to pursue what your passion about or sometimes it is where you figure it out.  Regardless you want to do it in fourish years so you are not a lifetime student.  College is expensive.

Thinking about what you want to do with the rest of your life is a little bit intimidating. Or a lot bit.  But knowing what path you want to follow sooner rather than later is a huge advantage. 

10 essential move in day tips

10 Tips for Move-In Day


10. Dress for the occasion. It’s going to be a hot summer day when you move in so wear something that can get gross. You can pretty yourself up for the first night later.


9. Get as much packing done before the day you leave as possible. Waiting until the last minute is never a good idea. 


8. Make sure you and your roommate have gone over what each is bringing. Then you won’t have to make an ironing board fit in your car when you didn’t need it.


The Ultimate College Packing List

Classes are looming around the corner.  This mean only one's moving time!  


We have a complete freshman packing list to help you.




Let's start!



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