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Free Things for College Students

Free Things For College Students

College. The wonderful time in life where you aren’t entirely in the real world but, you are on your own. One of the greatest things I’ve started to appreciate is how during college people will offer you so much FREE STUFF! Here are a few ways that I’ve found free things for college students.

Dorm Room Christmas Decor Ideas




dorm decor christmas ideas

Dorm Room Christmas Decorations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (again).  Just because you are at college doesn’t mean that you have to cut back on the Christmas cheer. There are easy ways to make your room festive and spread the “jolly” to your hall mates.

4 things you must do during Thanksgiving break

Thanksgiving week is here!  There are 4 things you need to do this break!


1. Catch up with friends and family.  Make sure you're not too busy to sit down and catch up with those you love most.  Your parents would love to talk with you.  If you have some old friends, catch up with them too.

2. Sleep in!  Let yourself get the rest you've been missing all semester.  Let's face it, college is not the place to sleep.  It's a 24/7 marathon.

Clean a Dorm Room in 5 Minutes

Prequel: try to stay organized so you don’t have sort through a foot of clothes and shoes scattered about. PUT AWAY: that pile of clothes you washed a week ago belongs somewhere other than at the foot of your bed. Just do it. DUST: grab the duster mom sent you with and wipe down all the hard surfaces, including the top of frames, doors, and blinds where allergens can collect.

How to Not Burn Out While Studying

How to Not Burn Out While Studying


5. All-nighters are NEVER the answer. Once it gets past midnight, it’s very likely that anything you read or look over will essentially be in Latin because you won’t grasp any of it. Plan out a reasonable study schedule and don’t wait until the last minute.


Awkward first day of class

The First Day of Class: Tips from an Awkward, Lost Freshman.


Being that I was born to try to board the wrong the plane and trip over nonexistent breaks in the concrete, it’s no surprise my first day of walking to class on a college campus went less than smoothly. Please learn from my mistakes.

How to Survive a Roommate

How to Survive a Roommate


No matter if you’re living with your best friend or a total stranger, or if you’re sharing a room or just sharing a suite: it’s probably going to be tough. It’s unlikely you and your roommate will be on the same page with everything. But have no fear: my handy dandy “talk it over” list is here.


Discuss when you both prefer to study (afternoon, late at night) and plan to be courteous of the other’s schedule. 


How to Hang a Headboard in a dorm room

Hey Dorm Suite Dorm peeps!


In a few days maybe weeks you'll be moving into your dorm room.  The wonderful abode. 


Well it is a wonderful place if you transform a plain boring dorm room into something extravagant and personal.


Enough chatter let's get your headboard on the wall of your dorm room.


Step 1. Grab your headboard and decide where you want to hang it.


Step 2: Clean the wall where self adhesive Velcro strips will be applied. (Use cleaner to remove any oily residues) Let area dry well.


10 things to know on move in day

What To Do on Moving Day


10. Dress comfortably and in clothes you can get a little gross in. August is HOT.

9. Box everything up. Carrying in one item at a time is inefficient. 

8. Be polite to everyone. You never know who you’re dealing with.

7. Ask the RA’s questions. It’s literally their job to answer them.

6. Be patient with who’s helping you move-in. You probably need them.

5. Organize as you unpack.


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