Time for Scholarship Searching

Feb 16

Time for Scholarship Searching

by: ctowery


The Season of Scholarships and Applications

Around this time, after the FAFSA and around Spring, is the time for applying for scholarships. Whether you're a senior in high school or freshman-senior in college there is never a time when applying for scholarships is a bad idea. In fact, you should be applying for as many scholarships as you possibly can. College is expensive, but with some effort on your part you can make college much more affordable.

If you are currently a senior in high school I recommending applying for your local scholarships. Most likely your school has some sort of program or office set up to help you find what scholarships are available and if you are eligible to apply for them.  

If you are in college and in a sorority or fraternity I recommend applying for your fraternity/sorority's scholarship. Those institutions are particularly generous and make a point of awarding their members for their merit and efforts in the organization.

If you are like me, a freshman in college, then I recommend going online to sites like Fastweb.com to find available scholarships. There are currently thousands of scholarships available. You don't have to be a senior in high school to apply for scholarships.

In addition to scholarships, now is the time to apply to available positions that your campus may have available. Although it may seem early, many universities start their hiring process now for certain leadership positions and jobs. My school has an Opening Days program that I just applied to be a leader for. Although not all of the positions may be paid I still recommend applying. Experience is just valuable as money.         


On a final note, if you haven't already figured out what you're doing over the Summer I recommend looking for internships, jobs, volunteer work, or other opportunities to fill your time and build your experience.