Getting the Most Out of Summer

May 18

Getting the Most Out of Summer

by: ctowery

posted in: Freshmen Advice

Summer Plans

by: Brand Ambassador, Madelaine

The summer is a great time to accomplish and complete activities. Although it can be nice to use this period of time as a vacation, it is also important to work and do things over the summer. It’s not too late to look for an internship or apply for a summer job. The summertime is also great for catching up with old friends and going on new adventures. Don’t sit around and waste the summer away! Take this time to go on a hike or learn how to draw. Here’s some tips for how to spend your summer in a meaningful way.

1.      Go outside of your state. Traveling is a good way to see the world and expand your perspective. It’s also a nice way to go outside of your comfort zone, adventure, and become more independent.

2.      Exercise. Even if exercising isn’t really your thing it’s important to be physically active. You don’t have to exercise alone. Get a buddy and do something fun. Play tennis, go on a long walk, or anything that will get your heart beating a little and yourself off the couch (or the bed).

3.      Work. Whether it’s an actual job, an internship, research grant, or just a couple of odd jobs, it’s important to do some work during the summer. If you get paid for the work you do then that’s money that can go towards paying off college or funding some awesome summer exertions. Even if you don’t get paid, working during the summer is good for your resume a good way to keep you engaged in something meaningful.


4.      Learn. This could be anything really. Pick up a new hobby or learn how to do something new. The summer is a good time to work on old or new skills. It’s important to do things that are fun and mentally engaging.