Take a Chance

Mar 31

Take a Chance

by: ctowery

posted in: Freshmen Advice

“Carpe. Hear it? Carpe. Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.” – John Keating, Dead Poets Society


The worst thing that you could possibly do with your life is to not take chances. In fact, it’s worse than being the worst thing. It could be detrimental.


A few weeks ago, a traveling Broadway show that I wanted to see was going to be touring in Birmingham. I saw this was happening through a twitter promotion that was a lottery to win discounted tickets. I happened to win the tickets and convinced my boyfriend to go with me. So we drove up to see the show on a Wednesday night (we both had tests the next day) and got in the auditorium with our discounted tickets. We finally got in our seats and were confused and at a loss of words because our assigned seats were selling for a decent chunk of money, and we payed fifty for our tickets combined.


If we had decided to not go to the show, or that we needed the extra time to study, we would’ve missed the chance of a lifetime.


YES studying and good grades are important. But college is also about other things. Like taking chances. And going on adventures. And maybe doing the one thing you really want to do that might not be realistic. It’s college. This is the one chance in your life that you can take chances like that and get away with them. Broaden both your horizon and your world. Visit places you haven’t been with people that mean a lot to you.



Just live the life you truly desire to live.