RELAX! Take a deep breath and get ready for midterms.

I don't know about you, but it is about time for a really long nap. Midterms are practically here, and we've all been working hard. I'm trying to get ready for my senior recital with Spring Break on the brain, and it's slow-going. My favorite thing to do is schedule (yes, SCHEDULE) time for relaxation. I put my phone away and hide my backpack, and then I just listen to music, take a 30-minute power nap, or watch one of the three TV shows I follow. Here are some awesome tips to help you relax in a stressful time:

Spring into 2013 Fashion! Five Must-Haves!

It's that time of year! Time to go shopping and buy some new pieces for your spring wardrobe! Here are the oh-so-chic 2013 Spring trends


Emerald green is the new color of the season.
For the bold: Try some emerald pants or statement emerald shoes.
For those who like to tone it down: Try an emerald bangle, scarf or belt.

Dating Dos and Don'ts in College

It’s the second semester of the year, and I bet you’ve been asked out by a cute college guy. Whether you’ve been dating or not, here are some Dos and Don’ts for when that cutie comes to chat (and he will):


Gourmet Taste!!! Easy!

love to cook and play around with flavors in the kitchen. Thing is, I almost never have exactly what the recipe calls for in the kitchen. Here's my take on a recipe I found on Pinterest


You'll need:

1 or 2 avocados

Magnificent Make-up Every Day!

I get it: you're well into your second semester of this school year, and the early classes are getting to you. Here are some quick and easy make-up tips to get you out the door fast!


Spring Break on a Budget

Spring Break is just around the corner. If you're smart, you've already started planning, but if you're like me, you wait until a month or so before when all the hotel rooms are booking up fast and the odds of finding a good spot are looking bleak. You can still have a great Spring Break! AND you can do it without busting your budget.

Hot Hair Every Day!

I’ve recently become obsessed with learning to do new things to my hair.

Spring Break is coming soon! Brush off that bikini body!

Spring Break means road trips and beach volleyball! What's worse than being uncomfortable in your own skin when all you want to do is have fun in the sun? Here are a few tips to help get your body bikini ready in the month before the sweaters come off.


1. Cut out excess salt and sugar to lose water weight. For example, choose water instead of soda, and don’t salt your food.2


Welcome to our brand new site!

We want to thank you for visting our new site.  Dorm Suite Dorm is your premier dorm bedding shop.  We promise that you'll find exactly what you're looking for because we offer customized products to meet your wants.  

If you have any suggestions/questions about our new site don't hesitate to comment or email us

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