DSD's first brand ambassador

Ashley is Dorm Suite Dorm's first summer brand ambassador.  We asked her to share a little bit about herself and her thoughts on the internship...


Spring Break in the 30A

Spring break was amazing.  It was everything it needed to be.  Fun, lazy and relaxing.  


It was so difficult to go back after seeing this...


Five website time wasters

You may think you're wasting time reading this, but we're here to alert you of the top five websites you will waste time on.

5. Pinterest. Don’t pretend planning your future house isn’t a reasonable pass-time.  Instead view Pinterest to see our boards. 

4. Because when are baby animals not a good time?

3. StumbleUpon. Treasures in every link.

2. YouTube. I love watching bad Russian drivers montages, judge me.

pin it to win it! | Twin XL Quilt Set

We are offering a twin xl quilt set for our pin it to win it contest. This product is valued at $110.  


Contest Rules:

1. Follow Dorm Suite Dorm on Pinterest

2. Pin 3 items from our website to your Pinterest board

3. email to let us know you finished!

4. Contest ends June 23rd.  Winner will be announced  June 25th.  



Road Trip to Ole Miss

We enjoy road trips.   We love going to decorate dorm rooms.  The road trip to Ole Miss took us to six dorm rooms in need of a makeover.  


We loaded the car up early in the morning and left for Ole Miss!



Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Let's just say when we got there the dorm rooms were in need of an extensive makeover.



Organize That TINY Dorm Closet!

Dorm closets are tiny and annoying. I remember all of mine, and I remember never having enough space for all the cuteness that was required to follow me to college. Here are some tips on organizing that tiny space to use it to the fullest.

Design Your Dorm BEDDING!

There are so many choices when it comes choosing your dorm bedding that it can be super overwhelming. That's what I'm here for! The best start is to go through and look at every pattern and color on the website. Does anything stick out? Is there anything you love? Is there anything you absolutely hate? Chances are, at least one thing stuck out. Now, go back through with fresh ideas if you need to. 

Once you've picked a pattern and color you like, think about what kind of bedding you want. Here are your choices:

Design Your Dorm Pillows!


Pillows can be one of the easiest ways to make a room POP and be more fun. Here are some things to think about while you're picking your own.


10 Ways to Earn Summer Cash!

Face it, we all need a summer job. Especially right before college. There are a million things to save up for, like books and dorm stuff, as well as money to go out and have fun with your friends. Here are the top 10 ways to save money over the summer.

1. Make money sitting in the sun. Sign up to be a lifeguard at your local pool. You have to meet a few qualifications, but you can work on your tan!

2. Babysit. Just like during the school year, parents need help on date nights. Ask around your neighborhood or put up flyers.

Preparation for Graduation! What YOU need to know

Ahhh! You are about to graduate high school and start the most amazing adventure of your life (until you graduate college, and then there's a whole new world out there for you). Sometimes parents tell you that high school is the greatest time of your life. Lies. College kicks butt. You will laugh, you will cry, you will do stupid things, you will have several movie marathons with your friends when you should be studying.... 


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