Organize That TINY Dorm Closet!

May 20

Organize That TINY Dorm Closet!

by: arichardson

posted in: Freshmen Advice, DIY, Fun

Dorm closets are tiny and annoying. I remember all of mine, and I remember never having enough space for all the cuteness that was required to follow me to college. Here are some tips on organizing that tiny space to use it to the fullest.

  • DUH! ADD ORGANIZERS! Check out Wal-Mart or organization stores for ideas. There are tons of shoe organizers in the form of shelves or door-hangings which can be used for more than just shoes.

  • Add shelves! Shelves are your best friend. Use them to stack space in the back of your closet. 
  • My closet had three stacked drawers. Use drawer dividers to separate small items, like jewelry. 
  • Plan a way to organize clothing! I try to keep mine from shortest to longest. That means I have shorts, then skirts, then tops, pants, and dresses. (It can be fun to organize by color too.) I organize this way because there's a small shelf under my shorts and if I organize from shortest to longest then I can actually put stuff on the shelf. It's functional! :D
  • Put scarves on a scarf rack. It keeps them all together and we keep them in-store!
  • For extra hanging space, attach Command hooks to doors or the insides/outsides of the closet. Hang necklaces, jackets, etc.
  • Try adding another hanging bar! Use a shower tension rod to had another closet bar.
How do you keep your dorm closet organized?

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