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Brand Ambassador, Katie, on Forrest Gump.

Brand Ambassador, Katie, shares her thoughts on the first weeks of college life at The University of Alabama.


University of Alabama Stadium

Thanks, Katie (especially for the nod to Forrest). We can all relate to your observations on 

Brand Ambassador, Madelaine, Offers Freshman Advice.

DSD Brand Amabassador, Madelaine, checks in from Willamette University

with some great tips for move in day. Check out her custom bedding and advice.

Eating Healthy (Even on a Meal Plan)

Everyone knows that we’re supposed to eat our fruits and vegetables. What no one can figure out is how to eat them on a college student’s budget. Whether you are on a meal plan or on your own, eating healthy can be a challenge. We have a few strategies for you to consider. (Remember, if you go in with a plan, it’s more likely that you will make good choices rather than impulsive ones.)

Confident, Competent,and Chill

Even students who arent rushing can't help but notice the excitement and frenzy surrounding Rush Week. There are parties and dresses and luncheons galore. This can be an intense time and you'll have to guard your time and choices to keep from being overwhelmed.

We have a few sugestions to keep you feeling confident, competent, and chill.


It's All You, Girl! Dorm life will be awesome!


Look forward to meeting your new dorm mate! You usually get their contact info ahead of time. Send a quick note to connect. (Maybe ask for a few of their favorite things so that you can bring a welcome treat on move-in day.) Remember, when dealing with ANYONE, seek to hear and understand FIRST; seek to be heard and understood second.


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