Saffron Color Scheme Design Tutorial!

Feb 7

Saffron Color Scheme Design Tutorial!

by: arichardson

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With all the new fabrics we’ve gotten in, we here at DSD wanted to bring you another dorm design tutorial! Our seamstresses have been hard at work putting together bedding for our showroom, and the end result is gorgeous.

This tutorial is for our Saffron color scheme. All Saffron fabrics can be seen here.

saffron bedding

This set includes a simple duvet, Euro sham, accent pillow, standard bolster pillow, and dust ruffle.

For the front of the duvet, we recommend a large pattern. We chose Saffron Harford. For the back, choose a coordinating fabric that you just love. We chose Saffron Yellow Links to match the dust ruffle. We also recommend Saffron Gray Links, Saffron Gray Raji, and Saffron Yellow Raji. (Small patterns tend to look best because they do not clash with the larger front patterns.) The duvet is corded in Ivory Solid.

**Note: Make sure, whatever you choose, that you keep your pattern choices down to three. More than three patterns in one small room looks too busyWe used four patterns only to showcase the fabrics we offer.

We wanted the pillows on the bed to pop, so we chose one pattern with all colors in the scheme, and two coordinating fabrics, each with one color in the scheme. Pictured for the Euro sham, we chose Saffron Morrow. However, if you want to keep your patterns down to three, matching the pillow to the duvet front is a great option. It is pictured in the Blog Thumbnail.

For the accent pillow, we chose Saffron Gray Raji, and for the standard bolster pillow, we chose Saffron Yellow Links, corded in Ivory Solid, to match the duvet back and the dust ruffle. 

We do recommend coordinating one pillow with the duvet and one with the dust ruffle, but options are way more open with pillows. Use whatever you think looks best!

For the dust ruffle, we chose to keep it simple. We used Saffron Yellow Links with no band.

*Remember, you can add cording to Euro shams and accent pillows for an up-charge. It's a pretty finishing touch.

For this room, we'd also recommend:
- A headboard in Saffron Yellow Links with Ivory Solid buttons
- A desk chair slipcover in Saffron Gray Raji with Ivory Solid ties. 
- A bulletin board in Saffron Gray Raji with Ivory Solid ribbon and buttons. 

The painted initial is currently available in-store for $35. Initials will be added to the website soon. In the  meantime, call us if you have questions about them! 866-410-7005


How do you like the color scheme??