Katie, DSD Brand Ambassador, Has Tips on Getting FREE stuff!

Oct 17

Katie, DSD Brand Ambassador, Has Tips on Getting FREE stuff!

by: ctowery

posted in: Freshmen Advice

Katie dishes on how to take avantage of great perks on your college campus. 

We like FREE stuff!


 Your university offers you so many things. For example, my school offers HBO Go.

For free.

 Like, HBO Go is an awesome service that costs a LOT of money and it only comes with a cable subscription. So it’s one of those things that are a hit or miss. And my school offers it for free.

 The reason I mention this is because most colleges offer a wide range of services and perks for free or at a discounted rate. And they also often provide free t-shirts for participating in an event or survey.

 Colleges are a field day for companies and offer free advertising as well. Example: Pepsi was in front of the building I take most of my classes yesterday and were handing out free Pepsis to people passing by. So a student takes one and tries it and realizes that they like the taste and proceed to spend more money on the product.

 Colleges also offer services like flu shots to students. There are often recreation facilities as well. So it’s always relatively easy to have access to anything that you need, whether it be Dining Halls being set up buffet style in order to ensure students have enough to eat, or providing busses to locations that can be more difficult to get to by walking.

 Or there are also concerts to attend, where you can get tickets at a discounted rate. And less money is still pretty awesome.

 All in all, just take advantage of the free stuff.


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