It's All You, Girl! Dorm life will be awesome!

Aug 4

It's All You, Girl! Dorm life will be awesome!

by: ctowery

posted in: Freshmen Advice


Look forward to meeting your new dorm mate! You usually get their contact info ahead of time. Send a quick note to connect. (Maybe ask for a few of their favorite things so that you can bring a welcome treat on move-in day.) Remember, when dealing with ANYONE, seek to hear and understand FIRST; seek to be heard and understood second.

Dorm Life

Dorm life is a unique opportunity to be in ready-made community. There are always social functions to attend. I know it’s difficult when you’re new, homesick, and feeling lonely. Put yourself out there, one event at a time. You can do it. (It might also be comforting to remember you ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE feeling this way. Be brave.)


It’s all you! There will be no one to nag you about chores. You’ll regulate all of that for yourself. Just a few miserable mornings dragging into class and you’ll start to make better curfew choices.  Facing a few angry roommates as they walk over your pizza box or clothes will cure you of your messy ways quickly. Spread your wings in your new found freedom, but stay within parameters that will keep you from having any regrets.



You will be lucky to have access to everything you need within walking distance. Pre-paid food (you’ll appreciate this more as you get older), free utilities, free w-fi, study partners, socials, sporting events, and more!  Take advantage of all that is offered and enjoy this experience!