Confident, Competent,and Chill

Aug 11

Confident, Competent,and Chill

by: ctowery

Even students who arent rushing can't help but notice the excitement and frenzy surrounding Rush Week. There are parties and dresses and luncheons galore. This can be an intense time and you'll have to guard your time and choices to keep from being overwhelmed.

We have a few sugestions to keep you feeling confident, competent, and chill.


You will form freindships that will last a lifetime. So, take care in choosing where to pledge! Ask questions like, "Why did you choose this sorority?" or "What do members love about this group?" Be genuine in asking and be a great listener. (If you're an organizer, put notes in your phone or ipad.)


Share your wonderful self with them! What are your interests and special talents? What can you add to the house dynamic? (And, dont sell yourself short!)


Be mindful of the dress code and expectations. You'll have to do this for the rest of your life. So, get in the habit now of taking the initiative to know and respect the guidelines. 


Decide today that you are going to be your own best advocate by having academic standards for yourself. No matter what! Parties, dinners, and the like will be long gone when your grades are permanently emblazened on those transcripts. Most sororities and fraternities have GPA requirements anyway. Don't convince yourself that you'll get on track next week.  Take it from all of us who have gone before you, today is the day to decide. It only gets more difficult to change bad habits. 


Above all, have fun! Don't allow worry to creep in. You are exactly where you should be and there is a grand plan and purpose for your sweet life!  Enjoy these once in a lifetime experiences. 

Share your personal experiences and advice with us. We'd love to hear from you.

Dream Big!