Things to do before leaving for college

Jun 24

Things to do before leaving for college

by: lmoore

The Things You Should Take Care of Before You Leave


A quick check-list of all the little things you need to have ready to go by the time moving day comes.

Leaving #2




1.     Get vaccinated. Check with your university to see what you need to prove is up to date (usually a Tetanus and HPV shot) and have that paperwork turned in to the Health Services office early.

2.     Get a mattress topper. Dorm beds are about as comfortable as sleeping on a filing cabinet. Look for a good deal on a mattress topper now and have it ready to go before you leave.

3.     Go ahead and have storage bins, shower accessories, and some basic desk supplies bought. Local stores run out pretty quickly when thousands of kids are all there to buy the same thing.

4.     Transfer prescriptions to your new local pharmacy. It’s nice not having to worry about that when you’re on your own.

5.     Quality rain gear. Going to class in the rain is awful enough without sitting in a puddle the whole time. Invest in some quality rain gear (boots, jacket, umbrella) that will last for a long time and you can depend on not to leak.

6.     Talk to your parents about paying for school. Are you getting a loan? Working during the school year? Plan out a budget that’s easy to follow so you’re not stressing over money.

7.     Get your teeth cleaned. It’s just one more thing to not have to worry about while you’re gone.

8.     Go clothes shopping. Whether it’s a few dresses for Rush Week or a well-tailored suit for school organization interviews—get it bought and ready to go now.

9.     Talk to roommate to see what each of you needs to bring. There’s no need to have more than one iron or clashing curtains.

10. Plan to take your parents to lunch. Things get crazy on move-in day and they’re probably already freaking out about their baby leaving the nest. The least you can do is have a nice family meal before you’re off on your own.


Ashley Buchanan