Organize your dorm drawers

Jun 5

Organize your dorm drawers

by: lmoore

posted in: Freshmen Advice, DIY

I lost my favorite t-shirt!  Where's my make-up?  I can't find my expensive Ti-83 calculator!  The roommate moved my clothes.  Who's playing a prank on me, where did my clean pair of jeans disappear?

Most likely you have heard this before.  It always happens.  You place your favorite t-shirt somewhere and can't find it.  Why?  Because you need a little bit of organization to prevent the messyness of dorm room chaos.

Your drawers might look something like... 

Drawer of Doom



We have a handful of tips on how to organize your drawers


  1. Be consistent.  Consistency will always give you the same results.
  2. Intergrate organization dividers in your drawer space.  You can buy these inexpensively at a local big-box retailer.  
  3. Get rid of unused junk.  You don't need that high school pen set.My Media Cupboard: 2008-12-28
  4. Label everything. Buy yourself a labeler and label everything.  


woodview christmas ~ drawers close