Last Minute Dorm Shopping Items

Aug 6

Last Minute Dorm Shopping Items

by: lmoore

Last Minute Dorm Shopping Items


--Floor length mirror. Hang it behind a door or prop it in a corner. You’ll want it at some point.

--Door hooks. Valuable, usually wasted space.

--Laptop case. Keep it protected while you’re walking around.

--Keyboard cover. Sometimes I like to eat pita chips while I watch a show. Judge me. 

--If you want to keep some things at home, get extra face wash, body wash, etc. that don’t have to travel back and forth with you.

--Some kind of drawer system for desk items to hold pens, flash drives, sticky notes, whatever.

--Extension cord.

--Mattress foam pad.


Plan carefully and you’ll be golden.



Happy Move-In!




Photo credit: r. nial bradshaw