Instantly class up your dorm

Jul 1

Instantly class up your dorm

by: lmoore

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How to Instantly Class Up a Dorm Room


Add curtains. You can find gorgeous curtains almost anywhere.  Dorm Suite Dorm has fun, bright fabrics like these that will make an instant statement.     


Bubblegum Pink and Green Watercolor Floral            covington starburst pinwheel stratosphere               R-Rose and Linen-Diamond


Find a rug. The industrial carpet that comes in dorms is far from glamorous, but it’s easy to cover up. Just do your research before you spend too much money.


Start thinking now about how elevated your want your bed. If you’re storing things under your bed, look into making a skirt. Fabric can be fun and easy to work with. (and it looks so much better than plastic bins and a pile of shoes.)



Don’t be afraid of personalizing your space. This is the time to start crafting and learning what your personal style is. There are countless crafts on sites like Pinterest and if you’re not the most artistic, there are some really cool pieces for sale on Esty or that give you a finished look without breaking the bank.


-Ashley Buchanan

Photo cc (Praytino)