How to Not Burn Out While Studying

Sep 3

How to Not Burn Out While Studying

by: lmoore

How to Not Burn Out While Studying


5. All-nighters are NEVER the answer. Once it gets past midnight, it’s very likely that anything you read or look over will essentially be in Latin because you won’t grasp any of it. Plan out a reasonable study schedule and don’t wait until the last minute.


4. Take a snack break. Just sit back every hour or so for a breather to collect yourself and maybe eat some Cheez-Its. Did you know that calories don’t exist when you’re knee-deep in studying for a math test? That’s just science. 


3. Know when you’ve hit your breaking point. At a certain point, there’s nothing else you can do and you’re not getting anything productive done. When that happens, call it a night.


2. Find a good study playlist. If it’s silent you’ll go crazy. Am I speaking from experience? Maybe. 


1. Don’t freak out. Getting stressed while you’re studying is just going to distract you. Believe in your work—you’ve made it this far.