Get Straight A's With Healthy Study Habits!

Feb 17

Get Straight A's With Healthy Study Habits!

by: arichardson

posted in: Freshmen Advice

Hey, guys! Sorry for being late this time! I had an audition for a graduate school program in Cincinnati, OH this weekend, and let’s just say Murphy’s Law prevailed. Now, I’m behind on my studies and my homework for this week, and I have to play catch-up. Here are some tips so that you don’t have to play the catch-up game any more than necessary.


1.    Sleep!! Seriously, I know you’re in college, where the motto is “You can sleep when you’re dead,” but sleep is key. When you sleep, it’s easier to remember things you’ve studied and it’s easier to process new information. A good habit to start: Sleep during the week, and stay up late on the weekends (if you must).

2.    Exercise. And do it regularly. It helps with focus and makes you feel better in general.

3.    Set small goals to accomplish every day. Keep a planner, keep it in your phone, or whatever else makes you feel most organized. Small goals can be anything from “Read one chapter for Bio” to “Review notes from class” to “Memorize 3 of my 10 flash cards for next week’s test.” Also set time goals, like “Study Bio for 10 minutes.”

4.    Find a good place to sit. You’ll focus better and do homework more efficiently if you’re in something comfortable but structured.

5.    Take regular breaks. For example, study for 50 minutes and take a 10-minute break.

6.    If you get bored, move on. Don’t bother doing the same thing if you can’t focus on it.

7.    Use your friends! Studying with friends can be more fun and productive.


How do you study?