Decorating Your Dorm

Apr 5

Decorating Your Dorm

by: arichardson

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Decision time is here!!! I am 10 days away from submitting my graduate school decision. I can imagine your excitement at getting ready for your first year of college!

Probably one of the most fun parts of going to college is decorating your dorm room. For guys, it's all about electronics and which comfy couch to get. For girls, it's about coordinating with your roommate and finding the cutest things to settle you into your home away from home for a whole year.

There are tons of things to think about when you decorate your dorm room. Luckily, is your one-stop shop for everything dorm. 

First, you have to decide colors. Talk to your roommate and figure out which colors you love and which colors you hate. Hopefully, you'll find some that match up. If not, consider using the same patterns with different colors. For example, search "suzani" on our website. You'll see one pattern in several different colors. If you search "grasshopper" or "grape" you can find suzani patterns in those colors with several coordinating fabrics.

Once you decide colors, check out the options you have for your room.


  • Quilt
  • Duvet cover (optional insert)

Would you rather have a quilt, a duvet, or both on your bed? Either option can be stylish and comfy. Check out our photo gallery here to see options with both a quilt and a duvet, as well as a quilt with a throw blanket. The photo gallery shows here what it looks like to spread the duvet over the bed and not have a quilt.

  • Dust ruffle

Dust ruffles are a great addition to your bed. It's a wonderful way to create storage space without letting your room look cluttered. You can customize one here


  •  Pillows

Every comfortable bed must have pillows. And we have so many to choose from! There are pillows to monogram, standard accent pillows, king size pillow shams, euro pillow shams, bolster pillows (in two sizes) and don't forget that every quilt set comes with a king size pillow sham! Check out all of our customizable and limited edition pillows by going here, or by clicking on "shop all products" and "pillows". 

Window Treatments
Next, talk to your roommate about what you'd like to use to cover the windows. Consider fully custom curtain panels with black-out lining, or super cute roll-up shades (with three customizable features). Click here to see those, or click on "shop all products" and "window treatments".  

What else can you get to make your dorm a home? The possibilities are endless! Talk to your roomie about which of these you'd want, or just get them for yourself!

Our shower curtains are unlined and are hung with grommets to for a cute touch.

Closet curtains are made like shower curtains (with grommets), and they are a great way to cover open closets which may look cluttered (similar to the dust ruffle).

Hide your movies, books, or extra blankets in these adorable ottomans!

You'll never have to look at those ugly dorm chairs again! Mine was falling apart when I moved into my dorm. I wish I'd know about Dorm Suite Dorm so I could have covered it up!

It's nice to have something to lean against besides those uncomfortable cinderblock walls. These headboards just stick to the wall! Although, we do recommend putting Command hooks under them at either side to support some weight.

Store letters, post cards, and pictures from home (and your new home!) on a sweet bulletin board. They hang on the wall, too - easy!

My laundry basket from a department store fell apart in a month. These laundry bags are made well and don't fall apart after the first use. Plus, you can put your monogram on it to make it even cuter.

*Denotes ability to monogram


I know you're excited about moving into your dorm and starting your life as a college student! Call DSD if you have any questions about decorating or our products in general! We're always glad to help!

And don't forget our scholarship! You can win $500 toward school and $500 in bedding! Check out the info here.

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